Monday, July 9, 2012

The Lodge in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Few historic resorts have impressed me as much as The Lodge. Yes, it is known as "The Lodge" and once I was there I understood why. The imposing structure sits above the town of Cloudcroft, which is a delightful destination in its own right. The lodge is accessed via a serpentine road off the main drag. At 9000 feet elevation it will take your breath away in more ways than one.

Founded in 1899, The Lodge Resort and Spa has seen much history and entertained all of New Mexico’s governors since its inception. The main entrance opens into what looks like a Billionaire’s hunting lodge, with animal heads projecting into the room, wide-eyed and wondering how they got here, no doubt. The stuffed chairs and sofas enclose a very imposing fireplace hearth that invites quiet conversation over a cocktail from Rebecca’s dining room.

The lace of thousands of miniature white lights illuminates the secluded grounds behind the lodge, while those in front outline the lodge and tower; a virtual fairyland at night that only hints at what lies inside. Our room was small but well-appointed, with a gabled window overlooking the pool and gazebo.

My wife was here for an ACI convention and we both dined with the attendees in Rebecca’s restaurant and bar. Normally, convention food is, well, conventional, but that was not how the resort presented the dinner. The food was excellent, the staff handled everything with efficiency and care, and the wine list made me glad I’d come. My white Bordeaux paired very well with the meal and yes, not all Bordeaux wines are red and often are a good value.

And then there’s the ghost. Rebecca according to legend, conjecture, and possibly overactive imagination, was a chambermaid at the lodge. Her lover was a lumberjack, but alas, she took up with a new lover and the lumberjack found out. He used his ax on her, and that’s all we will say about that. Fortunately, apparitions are scarce, and only the poltergeist-like moving of objects is involved.

If you enjoy your dinners with a good wine or cocktail from the bar, and a ghost story to read while sipping on a brandy afterwards, this is a place you need to check out. The Lodge website provides all the details you’ll need.

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The Lodge Resor & Spa said...

Thank you SouthwestnWineGuy for the lovely comments about The Lodge. We are pleased that we had the opportunity to serve you! Please come again - maybe for one of our wonderful wine dinners?